Design Studio - Comprehensive Project

Classes are organised as "vertical studios" where international students meet local students of all years of study and work together. Principles of architectural design are studied and practised on a wide range of building structures: new developments as well as urban renewal and reconstruction. Studios at this level are enriched by studios focusing on topics such as sustainable design, contemporary technologies, interior architecture and preservation. Students are offered a choice of semester assignments either for individual or group elaboration.The studio can be processed in one of the following variants:

• ATRN variant 1 / construction project: The aim is to familiarize the student with the problems of the construction project. On the basis of their own architectural design elaborated within the previous studios, the students process a project at the level of documentation for the construction. The construction must always be feasible, the architectural design and its technical solution are inseparable. It happens, that the underlying assumptions prove to be unsustainable and need to be reassessed. In addition to consultations with the head of the studio, the Departments (15122, 15123 and 15124) assign experts to the assignment, which specifies the prescribed technical content.

• ATRN variant 2 / interior project implementation: The aim is to familiarize the student with the problems of interior design implementation. It introduces the student into the organisational process of realisation, of different technologies and productions. The task is elaborated in connection with the previous architectural study, specifying the ratio of typical and atypical elements in relation to the type of interior project implemented.

• ATRN Option 3 / Regulatory Plan: The aim is to acquaint students with the issues of the urban Regulatory Plan, defining the specific urban structure, including its related infrastructure through a set of documentation defined by law. The groundwork for elaboration of the Regulatory Plan is a studio urban project elaborated in the previous semester. 

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