Diploma Project AU

The diploma project is the final work which shows the ability of the student to cope independently and comprehensively with an assignment, from its concept, through its design until its presentation. The assignment may be from the domains of architecture, urbanism or landscape architecture. The diploma project examines the theoretical knowledge base of the student, his/her ability to analyse complex problems, to produce high quality design solutions, and prove the ability to present them comprehensively. The result of the diploma project is presented in a recommended A3 portfolio, which contains drawings, diagrams and a theoretical text written by the student. Often the assignment specifies that the diploma project should be supported by a 3D model. Exhibition posters are printed for the purpose of exhibiting the diploma project in accordance with the rules laid down by the dean. It is also possible to receive a theoretical assignment as a diploma project. In this case, it is necessary to follow scientific work standards in terms of the content, sources, method and form.

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