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MOTTO ● Architecture cannot be taught ● It is true by Idea to Performance ● It is necessary to alter our routine of thinking and move in a new direction ● It is important to give the space for the development of personality ●The candidate should have ambitions to be better than his/her pedagogue, tutors and other people he/she admires ● The young people should have an opportunity to learn during his/her studies and to try various possibilities of planning the architecture, design or urbanism ● In our planning we use the tools, systems, structures, technologies, materials and media that were created by people during the history of mankind to the present time ● On the base of experience achieved in this way we can hope a young people will choose the direction of his/her activity well ● To keep our playfulness, to entertain and to hold our youthful world-view ● It is important to start the self awareness and, consequently, the forming of personality ● Personality means an architectural opinion ●Therefore we are trying-within the work in Studio-to form an area, to get inspiration, and to put stress on independence »»» Miloš Florián, head of the Studio FLO│W     



Studio FLO│W is of the opinion that a digitally-driven architecture should be flexible, interactive and adaptable. Software is a driving force in all the phases of the structure planning and rise of the building′s architecture. A characteristic feature is continuous effort of innovation.

We live in the time of Internet of Things, related with virtualisation and technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, analysis of Big Data, computer simulations, VR, augmented reality, 3D/4D print, and robots. In connection with the new challenges it is therefore necessary to focus on monitoring subtle ways of behaviour not only among people, or between people and their environment, but also between people, machines and the environment. The physical infrastructure of the buildings and city is integrated into the digital one. The modern environment is networked with sensors that emit large amounts of data for specific applications. Providing data to any device connected to the network creates the state of computer ubiquity of the Internet of Everything. Such a communicative environment acts as an extension of the human nervous system. Built-in computers and sensors laid throughout the city will provide and evaluate the information obtained from our daily digital tracks, and on the basis of them it will be possible to directly generate urban and architectural structures. The aim is to connect people and processes into a single functional organism, which will also lively communicate with its environment.

In the Studio we welcome non-conformal people, because they have the properties that are the guarantee of the independence and distinct creativity necessary for solving both the traditional and non-traditional tasks. We do not require a passive approach: the aim of our work is not the education of epigons, but developing of one's own opinion.

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