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Museum of Robots Prague

SS 2021


The coming fourth industrial revolution is characterized by the complete digitization, robotization and automation of most human activities in order to ensure greater speed and efficiency of production. More accurate, more reliable and cheaper products from more efficiently used materials should contribute to ecological and sustainable development. The built digital ecosystem will fundamentally change not only industry, but well-established business models and value chains. The changes caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are so profound and fundamental that they are considered by experts to be the greatest promise and at the same time the greatest potential danger in all of human history.


During the semester, we will look at how robotics will affect the building construction industry and “we will create its own universe for robots and their visitors" – robot museum.


The building will serve as a base for spreading scientific culture, allowing visitors to experience the latest robotic technologies including AI, virtual and augmented reality, and holograms. The design of the museum is therefore focused on developing an architectural language to reflect cutting-edge fabrication technologies, and robotic construction methodologies.


The task of the studio is to design robot museum.


Location: Prague


Course of the semester:


(1) Analysis of possible locations

(2) Research program of demands

(3) Analysis of new technologies applicable for construction

(4) Design a museum for robots in Prague


Students will be encouraged to use advanced design techniques (parametric modeling, etc.)


External consultations:

• Elmar Hess - structural engineer (ex-senior engineer at BuroHappold)


Real 3D work Real fun!

SS 2021

Following the studio Achten-Pavlíček, our experimental studio deals with the practical use of robotics in architecture. Using an industrial robotic arm, we will 3D print the winning design for the revitalization of the square in front of the Rabenstein Tower in České Budějovice. The design will include places to rest, a small podium, game elements, city equipment.

The task of the studio is to design the layout and equipment of the square for public life.


The study takes place in the ATV mode (4 credits)

Locality: České Budějovice

Course of the semester:

(1) Analysis of methods and materials of 3D printing
(2) Excursion to the site
(3) Workshop in the Rabenstein Tower
(4) Architectural design
(5) Implementation

Students will be encouraged to use advanced design techniques (parametric modeling, etc.)

External consultations:

• Michal Trpák - sculptor

• Luboš Matzner - specialist in 3D concrete printing

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