Studio Maas


Next Planet

WS 2022

Questions the studio will ask:

  • Can we make a planet that can cool down instead of warming up?
  • Can we make a truly green world by reforesting the deserts and covering our cities in vegetation?
  • How does a scenario of overall equality, freedom or self-sufficiency materialize on our planet?
  • If the dense, diverse, and intense city is the one that best responds to the collective need of saving resources and limiting global warming, how can it fulfil our individual desires at the same time?
  • What urban forms might appear from those scenarios?
  • What ecosystems, transport networks or infrastructure would emerge?

The topics are formulated broadly and widely enough to allow for conceptual thinking and working at different scales and formats. The semester's work will result in a set of proposals ranging from small interventions to XXL scale visions. At the final exhibition in January, in one of the atriums of the Faculty of Architecture, the studio will present the result in the form of a 3D installation NEXT PLANET, a model of a future planet with plants, stairs, pipes, steam, water or small houses. The exhibition and installation are intended to challenge and inspire the academic community and the general public.

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