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Doctoral studies in English at the Faculty of Architecture can be studied in two programs: Architecture and Urbanism and Smart Cities. On this page you will find important documents for the admission procedure. Including information about the listed thematic areas and details of study and research. 

PhD students at FA focus on research in architecture, history, constructions, urbanism, landscape and design. The main results of their activities are dissertations and publications or other research outputs. In addition to developing their own research topic, students also establish contacts in the domestic and foreign academic sphere and, with the help of FA teachers, deepen their knowledge in the field and academic competence.

The standard period of study is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 4 years, and during this period full-time students receive a scholarship. The maximum period of study (i.e. the defense of the dissertation) cannot exceed 8 years.

Students studying doctoral programs are expected to participate in FA research projects and FA publication activities, or in teaching activities. Students are offered a number of support activities, including the FA Academic Competition, the FA Mobility Fund or the CTU Student Grant Competition.


Publication of thematic areas for admission to Ph.D. study

1/4 - 30/4/2024

Accepting applications for Ph.D. study programs


Admission procedure for Ph.D. study programs

Admission Procedure AY 2024/2025

The Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague has announced the admission procedures for those interested in doctoral studies starting in the academic year 2024/2025. The admission procedures have been announced for the study programs:

  1. Architecture and Urbanism (specialization: Architecture, Theory and Creation; History of Architecture and Monument Care; Urbanism and Spatial Planning; Architecture, Construction and Technology; Landscape Architecture)
  2. Smart Cities

Application for Admission to Doctoral Studies at FA CTU for the year 2024/2025 shall be submitted electronically at by 30. April 2024.


Study applications must contain following DOCUMENTS

a) an electronic study application and the following attachments below specified in points b to k,

b) a specified topic of the future dissertation chosen from the topics listed and a letter of motivation in which the applicant briefly summarises his or her motivation, professional knowledge and prerequisites for working on the given topic, as well as his or her current knowledge of the problem (review of the basic literature) and an outline of his or her future direction and approach,

c) a curriculum vitae, which must include all completed and incomplete previous studies and current studies at all types of universities, or previous experience,

d) a list of professional activities (especially published works, participation in competitions), the title of the applicant’s diploma thesis and, where appropriate, its assessments, as well as a portfolio of works or projects prepared by the applicant related to the study focus and the topic of the future dissertation, including the applicant's declaration of authorship of the submitted publications and work,

e) proof of proper completion of an accredited master's study program in the Czech Republic Architecture and Urbanism, Landscape Architecture, Design or another related or close master's program related to the field and topic of the dissertation, and/or a study program notified in the EU, or previous experience, and/or nostrification of education obtained at a foreign university, both at the bachelor's and master's level,

f) confirmation of studies at an accredited, notified or related master's degree program in Architecture and Urbanism at the University, if the applicant completes the master's degree in the academic year in which he or she applies for admission to the doctoral study program (This confirmation is not required for applicants studying the relevant master's degree program at FA CTU.),

g) applicants whose mother tongue is not English and who did not receive instruction at secondary school and/or university in the English language shall prove their knowledge of the English language with one of the following certificates: • A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) result of at least 550 (paper-based test) or 213 (computer-based) or 80 (internet-based); institutional TOEFL tests will not be accepted unless agreed in advance • An IELTS (academic version) overall Band result of at least 6.0 • FIRST CERTIFICATE h) proof of payment of the administration fee related to the admission procedure.

h) proof of payment of the administration fee related to the admission procedure.

i) letters of recommendation from two experts in the field (one of which must be a teacher at university level)

j) passport and/or ID card photocopy

k) proof of health insurance valid in the Czech Republic, which will be required at the beginning of each semester


Mgr. Gabriela Thompson

Coordinator for PhD students in English

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