Flip through Druhá kůže 2019–2020 competition show

This year's edition of the bachelor's studio projects for residential buildings (ATBS) competition shows the collection of Druhá kůže 2019–2020. It represents all participating student projects and provides detailed information about the eighth year of the contest organised by the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague every time after the end of the winter semester.

The Druhá kůže Competition show is an annual show of student projects developed as part of the studio's projects for residential buildings (ATBS), which is mainly taught in the 2nd year of the Bachelor study in the Architecture and Urbanism programme. It is a design competition organised by the Faculty of Architecture of CTU. This year marked its eighth year. It aims to showcase the different approaches of building design for housing, to support talented students through participation in the exhibition and financial rewards for award-winning projects, to reflect studio teaching and to discuss the methodology of building design instruction at the Faculty of Architecture of CTU.

Competition projects are nominated for the competition show by studio leaders, with a maximum of three projects from one studio. Students will submit projects printed for the exhibition, including the model, as well as electronically for the presentation and preparation of the collection book. The work is displayed for two weeks on the ground floor of the faculty.

Approximately halfway through the duration of the exhibition, a jury meeting is held to appreciate the usually best three of the projects on display. The jury is composed of three external independent members (architects) and two dependent members (elected representatives of the studio leaders and ZANs, whose students do not attend the competition). The announcement of the results and the presentation of the prizes (totalling CZK 10,000) take place on the day of the jury meeting in the early evening at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition of the competition show, a collection book is drawn up.

The announcement of the 9th annual Druhá kůže competition is planned before the end of this year and will be published on the faculty's website.





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