The second round of applications for Erasmus+ is open until the end of February

Applications for Erasmus+ study stays will be open throughout February, from 1. 2. to 28. 2. 2021. The programme is intended for post-graduate masters students who wish to apply retrospectively, even if they have failed the language tests in the first round or have decided to postpone their study stay from the 2020/2021 summer semester until the next academic year.

You need to create and send your application in Mobility.

For more information you can contact

Are you hesitant to study abroad? Watch a recording of the Erasmus 2020 opening or read our article and get inspired

The online opening of the studio projects of our Erasmus 2020 students who spent a study period abroad in the academic year 2019/2020 is still to be seen on the MS Teams platform. In addition to student projects, you can also see a recording of the presentation of mobility opportunities for the 2021/2022 academic year or the sharing of learning experience abroad. Although the opening took place in November last year, students can watch the recording of this opening via MS TEAMS or read our article on the opening.

If interested in the additional adding to MS TEAMS group Mobility 2019-2022 please contact

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