Invitation for Ph.D. students to attend reVision Typology 2021 conference

The Department of Building Theory of the FA CTU invites doctoral students to participate actively in the typology conference reVision Typology 2021 - Parallel Worlds, which will take place on Thursday 27. 5. 2021 at the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague. Annotation of contribution must be sent to 10. 4. 2021.

The 4th annual reVision Typology 2021 conference will focus on new approaches in building design with respect to their different end-users - lay and professional public as well as other construction actors. The aim is to present the diversity of typology and the reflection of the relationship between different users of buildings in their design. The conference will take place on Thursday, May 27, 2021, at the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in Prague and invites doctoral students to participate actively!

In the afternoon Block Research, the organizer offers PhD students space to present research or practical experience. Until 10. 4. 2021, doctoral candidates may send annotations of contributions aimed at examining the needs of individual users of buildings, or at implementing such knowledge in the design of buildings. The length of the conference contribution (presentation) is planned to be 10 – 15 minutes, and the post will be published in the conference directory. By 15. 4. 2021, interested parties will be informed whether a contribution has been selected for presentation at the conference.

The conference can also be attended passively by sending a contribution in the range 2 – 4 of standard text with pictures attached. Selected stats will be published in the conference directory.

Deadline for sending annotations to attend the conference: until 10. 4. 2021

Annotation of posts send to Jana Kubcová on e-mail

More about the conference can be found on the FA website and a record of previous years can be viewed at




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