reVision Typology 2021 conference invites to parallel worlds

The Department of Building Theory is hosting another one-day reVision Typology conference at the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague on May 27, 2021. This year's 4th year – PARALELL WORLDS – will focus on new approaches in building design with respect to their different end-users - lay and professional public as well as other construction actors. The aim is to present the diversity of typology and the reflection of the requirements of different users of buildings when designing them.

The quest to optimize living space has gained new momentum and impetus in modern times with scientific practices, touching virtually every species and measure of construction. The traditional professional construction view added time (significantly circa 1/2 of the 19th century) to that of experts from other professions generally related to the building species. For quite a long time, a kind of objective - at times rather average - state was observed as the intersection of a multi-criterion analysis of the environment. As a general program, this endeavor peaked in the architectural profession in the 1950s and 1960s, paralleling the professional top-down approach in other fields – typically medicine, pedagogy, or politics. Since the 1970s, with the advent of post-modernity, this unified world has begun to unravel in architecture: the user perspective, but along with them, local or individual tendencies and conditions – perhaps in response to increasing globalizing influences – reveal their rationale, and idiosyncrasies become legitimate. But it is often not just about them, however important they may be. Gradually, there has been a realization, roughly since the late 1980s, that these tendencies are not necessarily mutually incompatible, that individual claims or perspectives can coexist like PARALELL WORLDS. This experience, common enough in the private sector – where a certain individualization is expected and natural – has quite specific implications for public-sector decision-making, which is still largely based or derives its legitimacy from the implicit assumption of the "ideal" solution.

The reVision Typology 2021 conference aims to explore this area of PARALELL WORLDS in the field of public works – mainly health, school, administrative or building works that have a socially significant impact (residential buildings, public spaces). To try to find methods generating different sets of specifications for our public buildings, which help architects and designers to convey the experience of the basic groups of actors in the life cycle of buildings:

  • professionals in the construction process (builders, project leaders, consultants, technologists, developers, administrators, etc.)
  • professional users - staff (doctors, teachers, etc.),
  • lay users (patients, pupils and students, etc.).

Conference speakers

Each speaker – an FA teacher will present the current topic of the typology and invite one external guest.


  • prof. Ing. arch. Michal KOHOUT

  • prof. Ing. arch. Irena ŠESTÁKOVÁ

  • doc. Ing. arch. Pavla MELKOVÁ, Ph.D.

  • doc. Ing. arch. Zbyšek STÝBLO

  • doc. Ing. arch. David TICHÝ, Ph.D.

  • Ing. arch. Michal JUHA

  • Ing. arch. Ondřej TUČEK


Assumed conference program

8.309.00 Registering participants

9.009.10 Welcome and introduction

9.109.30 Presentation of the project / basic questions on the topic

9.3011.00 Block 1 (hosted by David Tichý)

11.00–11.15 Coffee break

11.15–12.45 Block 2 (hosted by Ondřej Tuček)

12.45–13.30 Morning block summary

13.30–14.30 Lunch

14.30–16.00 Block 3 – Research (Ph.D. part – hosted by Jana Kubcová) – 4–5 Ph.D. students about the topic (Call for Papers until 10. 4. 2021)

16.00–16.15 Final summary

Contact and further information:

Ing. arch. Jana KUBCOVÁ, Ph. D. / E-mail: / Telefon: 775 05 79 05

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