Our students won second and third place in the Central Group student competition

The team of Laura Izabela Lukáčová and Miroslav Slezák won 2nd place, and Matouš Pluhař and Ondřej Pecháček finished third in the 13th year of the Central Group student architectural competition. The assignment was to design an apartment building on the plaza of the new residential district in Prague 6. The students had a challenging task, according to the jury, because they had to emerge from a fairly limiting and detailed assignment.

Students had to cope with both the conditions and the fact that this time, in view of the pandemic, they mostly lacked the opportunity to consult teachers. The terms of reference of the contest stated that if the student contest's proposals interested the investor, they would be open to discussing further possible collaborations, or even the use of an architectural solution in the new district.

The jury of Ing. arch. Zdeněk Lukeš – jury chairman, members Akad. arch. David Vávra, Ing. arch. Adam Gebrian, Ing. arch. Ondřej Chybík and Ing. Ondřej Šťastný mainly assessed originality and complex architectural solution, artistic and graphic level and clarity. The winner was chosen unanimously by Pavla Hanousková and Ondřej Čeliš, students of Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Jury evaluation

According to the jury's evaluation, Laura Izabel Lukáčová and Miroslav Slezák's design, which ranked 2nd, works with significant corner architecture, further fragmenting the block into individual houses. In its form, the corner creates the character of a place - an address. The solution of the other sections is cultivated and less dramatic in terms. The author logically works with both the parterre and the interior. The jury appreciates the admitted character of the residential architecture, including adding the structural nature of the house to the exterior. As a reserve in the design, the jury sees minimal reflection of the corner bay into the apartment's own floor plan.

Jury evaluation

With Matouš Pluhař and Ondřej Pecháček finishing third, the jury appreciated that their design was consistently committed to durability and the ability to age with dignity without too many changes. In remote views, a subtle solution, on the other hand, takes on a closer look with the sophistication of details and the care given to elements such as handrails, canvas blinds, the rinsing of roof superstructures and ledges or the canopier of a parterre. Parter tries to address the square in a uniform way, including identifying individual establishments. The house was a little too cumbersome for part of the jury, but after much deliberation, the jury decided that it deserved an approach espousing a certain traditionality and conservatism.

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