Faculty entry rules (updated on 28. 4. 2021)

According to Government Resolution No. 393 of 19 April 2021, students are not allowed to attend classes and examinations, except for examinations for up to 10 people. This prohibition does not apply to participation in studios for final year students, nor to participation in individual consultations (1 student + 1 consultant) if both participants agree.

Government resolution No. 393 of 19 April, and 5th full text of Rector's order no. 21/2020 on reducing the risk of coronavirus infection valid since 27. 4. 2021 in addition, preventive testing of students is mandatory from 24. 4. 2021 at a frequency of once every 7 days. The first test will take place on the first day of the student's educational presence. The university is required to provide tests for students and inform students about the method of testing.

Testing for CTU students is available free of charge at the Student House, every Monday and Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The capacity of the test site is sufficient and no reservation system is required yet. The collection is simple and painless. It is covered by the health insurance. The entrance is the same way as to the canteen, then right in the hall and up to the first floor. Candidates for testing shall provide a health insurance card and an employee/student identification card. Confirmation of the test performed will be issued upon request.

Students in their final years who, in agreement with the head of the studio, will attend the studio in person, are required to enter the negative result of the test to determine the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in the central test log before the first visit to the faculty. Logins are the same login name and password as the KOS component.

The testing obligation does not apply to individual consultations.

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