Faculty opens new Master's degree program Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture

The new Czech follow-up three-year Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture programme is for graduates of the Bachelor of Studies in Architecture and Urbanism. It offers full-fledged education in architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture recognised for the profession in all three licensing fields administered by the Czech Republic. Applications must be submitted electronically by 18. 6. 2021.

The new study programme is a joint study consisting of two accredited study programmes of the FA CTU - Architecture and Urbanism and Landscape Architecture. It was conceived using not only the form of structured programmes, but also a large proportion of optional subjects in the subsequent Masters in Architecture and Urbanism and the shared subjects of the two initial programmes.

The extension of the study to three years made it possible to create a study plan which contains all the compulsory subjects of the Architecture and Urban Planning Master's programme as well as the Bachelor's and Master's programmes Landscape Architecture.

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