Exibition 1:1 lab 2011 → 2021

Design and build one to one. The exhibition presents a selection of design-build projects created over the last 10 years at the Department of Architectural Design II of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in Prague. It will be on display in the Central Hall of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU until 12 November 2021.

Design-build projects connect theoretical learning with actual tangible experience and allow students to take their ideas through to implementation. Among the designs that did not just stay "on paper" are, for example, the footbridges and shelters in the Krkonoše National Park, the prototype of the energy-saving AIR House or the Rolling House, a "house on wheels" based on John Hejduk's sketches installed in the faculty courtyard.

The head of the Department of Architectural Design II, Dalibor Hlaváček, sees the meaning of design-build projects in the fact that future architects will stop perceiving design as an individual act: "They learn to work and make decisions within a team, to communicate and cooperate with each other and with other professions."

The exhibition includes a screening of the short films Shelters for KRNAP and Stožár with a View, and publications related to realized projects and theoretical research on the topic of design-build projects.

On the occasion of the anniversary and the exhibition, the website of the 1:1 lab platform was launched, under the umbrella of which the department will implement and present its design-build activities.

For the content of this site is responsible: doc. Ing. arch. Dalibor Hlaváček, Ph.D.