Olověný Dušan 2022 results

The main prize of the largest student architecture and design competition in the Czech Republic this year went to the projects Housing New Střížkov by Anna Mahdalová and Wicker Cradle Rhea by Tereza Horičková. The award for the best studio went to the Jaroš–Bednář studio and the Valouch–Stibral studio. This year the award ceremony has returned to the Faculty of Architecture, where an exhibition of the nominated and winning works will be held until 17 March.

The winners were selected by two juries in two categories. The first category, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, consisted of Peter Bednár, Michal Marcinov, Markéta Smrčková, Radek Toman and Markéta Zdebská. The jury appreciated projects that dealt with the immediate surroundings of buildings, the search for new and fresh approaches to social issues as well as quality craftsmanship and comprehensive and clear representation.

"While most of the school was content with designing those imaginary standard roofs on their heads, Anna Mahdalová designed a truly distinctive, unique neighbourhood with a human scale and a welcoming character," Radek Toman praised the winning work of Anna Mahdalová, who created the Housing New Střížkov project in the Kuzemenský–Kunarová studio.

According to the jury, the assignment should reflect contemporary and social issues more. "The nominated studios and designs offer a quality that is a joy to look at, with well-commissioned themes and a high level of craftsmanship across all projects. The high level of personal commitment from teachers and students is immediately evident. Unfortunately, these qualities are rather exceptional in terms of the faculty as a whole," wrote juror Peter Bednár in his evaluation of the studios.

First place in the studio category went to the Valouch–Stibral duo with their students. "The beautiful assignment Na dráze (places in Prague along the railway line) offers the opportunity to search, think, discuss a common and social theme and at the same time to find, to find specific places, their poetics, their problems and to react, correct, create, find solutions," summarizes the jury's selection Markéta Zdebská.

No individual or studio from the Department of Landscape Architecture was nominated this year. The jury of the Design category included Eduard Herrmann, Monika Martykánová and Petra Vlachynská. "I appreciate the sensitively designed details, for example the attachment of the basket with leather straps, thanks to which part of the basket is removable and can be hung in the space as a swing, or the simple "brake" against swinging in the form of two balls that are inserted into the swinging mechanism," said Monika Martykánová about the winning project of the wicker cradle Rhea by Tereza Horičková. The work was prepared in the Jaroš–Bednář studio.

"Together with the jury, we chose Jaroš–Bednář as the winning studio. In our opinion, this studio had the most successful works, both in terms of execution and overall presentation. The chosen theme of crafts may have helped. Many of them used this to make their own objects in the after-school craft workshops, where they could get to know the techniques first-hand," said Eduard Herrmann about the winning studio.

The announcement took place at the Faculty of Architecture on Thursday, March 3, 2022. Organizers from the student union also expressed solidarity with Ukraine and offered their help to everyone on campus, regardless of their background. At the same time, they mentioned the need for mutual empathy in the school, intolerance of unfair treatment and the importance of mental health care. After the announcement, the guests could see the exhibition enriched with the texts of the jurors. Olověný Dušan competition, which was founded in 1993 by members of the Society, is automatically open to any faculty student who submits a semester-long studio project (exceptions are first-year and final-year students). Expert independent juries (separately for design and architecture) tour the exhibition and select the best quality of the assignments. The aim of the competition is to provide an external perspective on teaching, to bring reflection to the teachers and the students themselves.

In this year's edition of the Olověný Dušan, the Architecture Students' Association decided to focus on the environment of the Faculty of Architecture. On the platform it offers students and staff of the Faculty of Architecture the opportunity to express their views on the future of the school. The responses will be used as a basis for discussion with the faculty.


Architecture Individuals – Anna Mahdalová, studio Kuzemenský–Kunarová – Housing New Střížkov
Architecture Studio – studio Valouch–Stibral – Na dráze
Design Individuals – Tereza Horičková, studio Jaroš–Bednář – Wicker Cradle
Design Studio – studio Jaroš–Bednář – Cooperation between design students of the FA CTU and top craftsmen involved in the Bohemian Perfection project

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