A new book mapping the architecture of conversions has been published

The publication presents 35 projects that have given new life to industrial architecture.

Industrial architecture in our country is still not a piece of cake. Although the public's attitude towards it has changed in recent years, it is often still disappearing under the pressure to make way for new construction, or it is decaying without hope of revival. The book chronicles 35 projects implemented between 2015 and 2020 that have seen reconstruction and new use – Prague's Jatka78, Bolt Tower in the Lower Vítkovice area, Kamenice Brewery, Vápenka u Kovářská and others.

The editor of the publication is Benjamin Fragner from the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU. "Although we are still in a situation marked by demolitions and decay of industrial buildings, under the pressure of demolition and vacating building plots, years later we also have recognized values and increasing examples of conversion architecture – as a starting point for abandoned buildings," says Benjamin Fragner, introducing the motivation for the book: "They balance between conservation, authorial intervention, and pragmatic recycling. But they are also a response to the changing social atmosphere, the more general tendencies of architectural creation, and the relationship to the environment."

The book is available in selected bookstores, such as the University Bookstore of Professional Literature at the National Technical Library, the bookstore of the Club for Old Prague at Judith's Tower, Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Gallery VI PER and other places.

industriální situace / místo_tvar_program (Architektura konverzí)

Editor: Benjamin Fragner
Cooperation: Jan Zikmund, Jan Červinka
Translation: Robin Cassling
Expert reviewer: Petr Urlich
Graphic layout: Jan Forejt (Formall)
Editing reproductions: Jiří Klíma (Formall)
Modification of drawing documentation: Jan Kuták
Produced by: Gabriel Fragner (Formall)
Production: Formall
Printed by: PBtisk
Published by: Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, Research Centre for Industrial Heritage
240 pages
ISBN 978-80-01-06807-6

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