Exhibition of Studio Projects


Eduard Kušnír


Letná's Molochov is moving outside the city, on the steel fields near Hostivice. And watch out, it is multiplying! It is attacking the logistics warehouses, perhaps radically, but with tenderness. Clusters of steel warehouses are springing up on the outskirts of cities to fill the needs of our time. They serve for our comfort, but at the cost of an unnatural encroachment on the landscape. I try to disrupt a soulless enviroment of endless steel facades and roofs. Mnohochov chooses a hopeless site of two warehouses, separated from the town by a railway line. It grows out of the ground on both sides and creeps linearly across the rooftops. It has sunk into a narrow space between the halls, but it is stopped by the rubber loading docks, which he temporarily leaves to logistics.

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