At the beginning of the new senate. Alfa 3/2022 is coming out

The Faculty Bulletin focuses on the upcoming elections to the FA and CTU AS. In addition to basic information about their functioning, it also features interviews with Senator Dana Matějovská and Senator Josef Holeček.

In the third issue of this year's volume, Alfa recalls the self-governing institution of our Academic Senate – or historically, the "Council of Elders". The academic community of the FA CTU will soon turn into an assembly of professional tribunes, seeking to select new members of this highest school authority. The mandate of the current ones is about to expire. The Faculty Bulletin decided to interview two of them: the senator – teacher Dana Matějovská and the senator – student Josef Holeček. In a retrospective interview, they discuss well-known events in current faculty politics: for example, the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic on teaching or the resonance of the war in nearby Ukraine. Between the lines, the interview should also paint a sharper picture of the Senate office's operations...

Fifteen newly elected faculty members will fill the role of guardians of morals and order for the next three years... And when the time comes, they will seek a new dean for the office – or confirm the current one.

What the reader won't find in Alfa: that who gets the imaginary white senatorial tunic in the country's largest professional school always depends on the focus of the electorate.

Jiří Horský, Alfa's Editor in Chief

Bulletin Alfa 3/2022 can be downloaded here (only in Czech).

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