Faculty announces elections to the Academic Senates of the FA and CTU

Until 27 October, it is possible to submit nominations for candidates for the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU and for the Academic Senate of the CTU in the FA constituency. The candidates will be presented to the academic community at the election meeting on 31 October at 6 pm. The elections will be held on 14 and 15 November.

The Academic Senate of the FA and the Academic Senate of the CTU are self-governing representative academic bodies. Their members are actively involved in decision-making about the school, its future direction, the offer of study programmes or the budget.

Strengthening communication between academic officials and the academic community is also an important mission of both Academic Senates. Students have the opportunity to actively influence events at the faculty and the university as a whole and to co-determine, in particular, academic matters through student senators.

10 representatives of academic staff and 5 representatives of students are elected to the AS FA CTU. 3 representatives of academic staff and 2 representatives of students are elected to the AS CTU.

Election Timetable

  • 10. 10. – Announcement of the election timetable
  • 27. 10. – Deadline for submission of nominations for candidates
  • 31. 10. at 8.00 – Posting of accepted candidates on the FA website
  • 31. 10. at 18.00 – Presentation of candidates to the academic community – lecture room 155 – Gočár
  • 14. – 15. 11. – ELECTIONS
  • 16. 11. – Announcement and publication of election results
  • 25. 11. – Deadline for filing objections to the election process
  • 13. 12. – Deadline for settling objections


  • 16. 11. – Last meeting of the original senate
  • 14. 12. – Constituent meeting of the new senate

Election Committee of the FA CTU



AS Candidate

The candidate can be nominated by any member of the academic community, the candidate for AS member must agree with the nomination, i.e:

  • fill in the application form with a handwritten signature and a high resolution photograph
  • attach a text with the election programme of up to 15 lines of text
  • a short text of 150 characters to be used for promotion on the FA website and social media
  • the candidate for the FA will also produce an election poster in A4 format

Candidates shall send all required materials to the following address


The Academic Senate of the FA has 15 members, one third of whom are students. The members of the Academic Senate are elected from among their ranks by the academic community of the Faculty. The Senate usually meets once a month. Senators approve:

  • proposals by the dean for the establishment, merger, amalgamation, division or abolition of faculty departments
  • proposals for internal regulations of the faculty
  • allocation of the faculty's financial resources
  • annual reports on the activities and management of the faculty
  • conditions for admission to study
  • the strategic plan for the faculty's educational and creative activities

The Senate may also deal with other topics and problems related to the teaching, research or study activities of members of the academic community. Topics may be proposed by the academic community through the President or any Senator.


The Academic Senate of CTU is elected by the academic community of the University. Each of the eight faculties is represented by three senators or senators from among the academic staff and two students. In addition, the academic community of CTU corresponding to the non-faculty components of the University elects a total of three academic staff members and two students. The AS of CTU approves:

  • strategy and internal regulations of CTU and its components
  • the budget of the university
  • the use of financial resources
  • annual reports on the activities and management of CTU

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