Best for all. Architecture students present their vision of the Czech Republic at the CZ2 exhibition

Students from five architecture schools in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands worked under the guidance of Winy Maas. Together they have formulated ideas for the future of the Czech Republic and now they will present their projects to the public. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 31 May at the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU.
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The event is the culmination of a joint semester project involving more than 130 students from the FA CTU, ARCHIP, TU Delft, TU Liberec and VUT Brno. They have been thinking about the future of the Czech Republic and have now come up with hundreds of ideas for afforestation, national parks, industrial production, transport infrastructure, housing, demography, population density, ecology, sociology or economics. "Winy Maas is a visiting professor at our faculty this academic year. I believe he is an inspiration and enrichment to our students and professional community. The work of the students under his guidance resulted in the 3D installation Biotopia in the winter semester. In the summer semester, the studio focused on the analysis of current issues of the Czech Republic and its potential," says Dalibor Hlaváček, Dean of the FA CTU.

The project CZ2: Visions for the Czech Republic will be presented on a large-scale model in the atrium of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU, accompanied by maps, analyses, interviews with experts and a film documenting the whole process. "We delved deeper into the health of the Czech population and looked for ways in which design can contribute to its improvement. We decided to integrate movement into the everyday life of society and came up with a set of measures to promote cycling as a full-fledged substitute for car transport," says student Lucie Bielaková. Mikuláš Ott focused on environmental issues, "I was surprised by the data on the high pollution of Czech rivers, which I propose to solve with dams and root treatment plants." He also focused on animal migration and proposed corridors connected to the zoo.

TU Delft professor Winy Maas combines practice with research. He is the founder of The Why Factory, a think-tank that explores the development of future cities, and the MVRDV studio, which is awarded for its innovative approach to the architecture of buildings, cities and landscapes. In the Czech Republic, the MVRDV architectural office participated in the competition for the building of the Moravian Jewish Museum Mehrin in Brno last year and is also competing in the ongoing competition for the completion of Vítězné náměstí in Prague.

The exhibition will open on 31 May 2023.

15.00 Tour of the model, interviews with guests, public debate
18.00 Reception

The exhibition can be visited until 26 June daily from 9 am to 7 pm, free admission.

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