Modelling Workshops

It is impossible to get through the studies at FA CTU without making models. They are made by architects, landscapers and, above all, designers. That is why there are multiple modelling workshops in the faculty and we continue to expand the tools and services. The newest addition is a vacuum press, which the students of design tried out during the summer semester, when they were supposed to design an item using plastic moulding technology.

The modelling workshops are open to all the students of architecture and design Jan Herzog, Vratislav Polívka and Josef Majrych help are pleased to advise and help with the implementation of student projects. They will discuss the chosen approach and technologies with you, or recommend the choice of a suitable material for the model.

You will find all the workshops on the 1st underground level, i.e. in the basement: the large workshop in room S113 (access from the spiral staircase from the central hall), while the small workshop, casting and modelling shop, which are primarily used by students of design (access from the straight staircase from the right hall).


  • classic workshop tools
  • electric polystyrene cutters
  • electric reciprocating saws for wood and plastic
  • bench drill
  • large band saw
  • modelling grinders
  • bench lathe
  • CNC cutter for cutting HPS and MDF boards (operation of CNC cutter is free of charge)
  • laser cutter for cutting cardboard and pulp board (the price for a minute of the cutter is CZK 4.80)

It is also possible to print models in 3D in the workshop using a powder printer (the price per cm3 is CZK 9). A reservation is required to work with the laser cutter and 3D powder printer. It is valid after submitting the data.


  • 10 vices
  • band saw
  • large disc sander
  • table cutter
  • hand tools

In the casting shop there are marble tables with openings for making rotary plaster models, a clay grinding machine and a plaster wheel. The modelling shop is equipped with sculpture stands. Design students create models and prototypes here from various types of materials and during their studies they learn how to make them along with technological processes. Only working with metal is limited, since welding and spark machining (separating) material is not permitted in the school.


The students also have a photo studio designed to shoot models. It is equipped with three lights and a table with a background. The keys to the photo studio located in the basement can be borrowed by agreement from the secretariat of the Department of Building Theory at Ing. Petra Zeibrlichová, office 432.

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