Department of Architectural Conservation

The department provides tuition in the field of architectural conservation both as a theoretical discipline and as a set of practical activities aimed at exploration, protection, restoration and presentation of monuments. The application dimension of the discipline is focused on monuments, urbanistic formations and cultural landscape. Emphasis is placed on their refined renovation and sensitive incorporation of contemporary architecture into the historical environment and cultural landscape. 

The preparation of architects for the knowledgeable, cultivated and responsible treatment of historical structures is developed on four basic levels:

  • the systematic uncovering of the value potential of cultural heritage and the understanding of its role in contemporary life,
  • the creation of conditions for the competent identification of the values of historical structures,
  • the clarification of relations between the characteristics of a specific structure and its environment and the concept of its renewal,
  • the development of the knowledge of historical materials and structures, corresponding approaches for renewal and especially traditional construction and technology.

In addition to studio work, the institute guarantees the teaching of the subjects of monument preservation and structural/historical research, among others.

The lectures, exercises and studios offer the basics of professional preparation both for tasks of a creative nature in practice (an architect of universal focus knowledgeable in the field, an architect/restaurateur – a conservation architect), and for application in the field of science or in official procedures. These are the areas where there is a constant lack of qualified professionals (architect/researcher, architect/conservationist, architect/official in the legislative process).

The students can work in two affiliated comprehensive studios. Workshops and thematic excursions are part of or a supplement to the teaching in the institute.

The common subject of interest, a historical structure, determines the direction of the most important cooperation with the Institute of Theory and History of Architecture of FA CTU, both in connection with the theme of lectures and exercises, and with the education of specialised experts in doctorate studies. The cooperation with other pedagogical and scientific workplaces or professional institutions is also considerable. The topicality of the transferred knowledge and the conformity with contemporary trends in the discipline are ensured by the creative or scientific activity and the supervision of the members of the teaching staff in the area of historical heritage care.


Joint assessment of the results of the studio projects.
Discussion of ongoing building/historical research, stronghold in Královice (Praha–východ).
Relaxing on a joint field trip of the “landscapers” and “conservationists” in the Polabi flatlands.
Studio’s retreat seminar in Český Krumlov.
On a tour of a studied area – Rychmburk Castle.
A studio project is preceded by a thorough familiarity with the structure – studio of vernacular architecture in Sobotecka.

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