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Department of Building Theory

Other parts

The Department of Building Design is also an expert department of species and thematic typology. The department informally operates several departments dealing with various aspects of building theory, such as the center of residential buildings led by prof. Kohout and doc. Tichý and the center of school buildings centered around doc. Stýbla. Prof. Šestáková leads two specialized teams: one is focused on the accessibility of the built environment and its adaptation to the needs of specific groups of the population (seniors, the disabled, people with specific diseases, etc.), the other is Architecture for Children. Prof. He is a specialist in the field of sports buildings and Arch. Juha leads a team dealing with health buildings.

Typology reVision

Conference regularly organized by the Department of Building Design. In 2018 it focused on the concept of typology in general, in 2018 it was devoted to the award of public buildings.

Architecture for children

Children and city. Architecture and education. Conference Architecture for Children.

Building Accessibility Center

Center of residential buildings CKB

Platform for education and research of residential environment. Expert consultant in the field of residential buildings and housing.

EduARCH School Building Center

The eduARCH working group cooperates interdisciplinarily with the pedagogical faculties of Charles University in Prague, the Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education, and the University of Hradec Králové, Laboratory of Alternative Education, the Department of Furniture, Design and Housing, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University in Brno.

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