doc. Dipl. arch. Luis Marques

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Luis Marques eventually studied and graduated from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. The last year of his studies were spent in Florence , Italy in the studio of Cristiana Torraldo di Francia, one of the founders of the Italian atelier Superstudio. He resides in Prague since 1994 where he initially worked in various architectural firms including Omicron-K. From 2002 to 2012 he was the co-founderof HMArchitects which was responsible for the realization of projects like the reconstruction of Manes Gallery in Prague, which won the architectural prize of Building of the Year in 2014, or the Bus station in Přibram, which won the Czech Grand Prix Honourable mention for best new building in 2010. After 2012, he leads his own atelier, Marques Architects, which often cooperates with Atelier Krátký on such projects like Mechanica Business Center and Futurama  Business Center both in Prague. In 2018, their competition entry for the Ceska Sporitelna Bank Headquarters in Prague was one of the 5 Finalists.  From 1999-2006, he was active as a writer and editor board member in the magazine Architekt where he contributed more than 20 articles in the form of essays, reviews and editorials. In 2021, he was one of the main contributors of a book on the american architect John Hejduk, entitled „The Rolling House – On the Road to John Hejduk“ published by FA CTU. He has been teaching at Faculty of Architecture since 1999 co-leadin a vertical design studio with Vladimír Krátký and, from 2021, leads his own 1st year design studio. He became an associate professor in 2021.

Česká Spořitelna Head Quarters competiton, Smíchov - Finalist 2018

Mechanica Business Center_Jinonice 2017

Rekonstruction  Mánes Gallery 2014 - Prague Magistrate Building of the Year 2014

Bus station Přibram 2010 - Czech Grand Prix 2010 - Honourable mention in the New Building category

 Motorgas Headquarters, Čakovice 2007

Villa Troja,  2010

Villa Nebušice, 2005

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