Diploma projects


Mikolášková Kristýna

Design, MA diploma project


Each of us tends to capture memory of someone, that we loved or of the time in our lives, when we were happy. For this purpose we often accumulate objects, that are otherwise unimportant and can sometimes look repulsive (hair, teeth, used items etc.). The aim of my thesis was to create a specific and respectable place for such significant personal things - reliquary, that would somehow mediate the character and essence of these objects. I have chosen sand as a principal material, because it is a symbol of the transience of the time. The sand creates the bottom part of the reliquary - the altar, in which two shapes containing the objects are imprinted. There are the ovoid that symbolizes the birth and the ball that symbolizes the death. The imprint is a key element as it represents the imprint of a person that is close to us. It is the imprint that will stay eternal.

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