Final projects


Poláková Kristýna

Design, MA diploma project


I spent quite a few years of my life dancing in ballet points. I lived some of my best on-stage moments in it. These beautiful fragments of time were however preceded by long hours of training accompagned by tons of tears, blood and sweat. Literally speaking. I know very well how hard and painful ballet is, what torture can ballet points cause. I also know, how tedious the process of customising and personalizing of these shoes is. And last but not least I realize their consumer-goods character. These shoes are highly perishable considered how easily destroyed they are while being intensely used - an average professional dancer throws away 150 pairs per one single season. In this diploma thesis I’m targeting on finding ways to help the ballet world with these issues. Ballet is a beautiful mixture of artistic and (nowadays even) sport discipline. But I wonder - how is that so, that everything around us is evolving so incredibly fast and ballet is staying behind? Has anyone given a thought yet to this idea of a swan of the 21st century, armed by contemporary technology, moulded by the hands of a designer?

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