Final projects

Court Yard

Říhová Tereza

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The yard is composed by three separated but either connected buildings, that works as connection of the residential quarter and touristy part of Uhříněves. The aim of the plan is to create space for staying and having fun. Combination of the gastronomic, social and lodging function. Those functions complement each other during the day and whole year. Compound is opened to more turistic part and provides great view of the river and pond bording the lot. There are little squares created freely. Gastronomic service is located on the first underground floor. This decision makes the possibility of free disposals and changes of the interior furniture. Above the restaurant service there is community hall with its own entry and little utility rooms. The space allows different varitions of use according to social events.Rooms in the hotel are minimalistic and they have their own bathrooms. The whole space is connected by functions and masses and creates compact unit, which will enrich those separated quarters in Uhříněves.

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