Final projects


Hric Tomáš

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Diploma thesis giving attention to processing project for the New Building of the City of Prague Museum. Logically it is then located in Prague, on a border of Nové Mesto and Karlín, in a locality named Tešnov. This place is one of many places affected by negative impact by Northern automobile artery. That is having a negative impact to an area, dividing it and carrying too much cars to a city center of Prague and creates many silent zones with low efficiency and negligibility. On this place was located neo-renaissance building, important on the part of architecture, Denisovo nádraží. The building was then left out of order in seventies, 20th century. Later then was destroyed by reason of building the Northern automobile artery. Study is referring to study Tešnov - urbanistic study from 2017. IPR Praha as author is giving attention to conception of Tešnov area, creates solution to automobile infrastructure. Counting also of a new building for Alphonse Mucha museum for Slovanská epopej. Study is also solving connection to existing building of Museum of capital city of Prague and whole Tešnov area, also in area where is the New Building of the City of Prague Museum.

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