Final projects


Dvorský Martin

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The work focuses on the design of a multifunctional urban block in the newly planned development project of the Rohanský island with regards to the urban study with regulatory elements issued for this area. The final design for the area, which follows up on the significant city boulevard, is a multifunctional city block combining housing and administration purposes. However, it also separates them into individual masses of an open block. All three proposed masses have common function of retail space located on the street level. The longitudinal mass of the administrative building serves as a shade separating apartment buildings with a quiet publicly accessible courtyard from the busy boulevard of Rohanského nábřeží. Apartment buildings are designed as particular masses with five apartments on each floor, while the office building provides approximately 1200 m2 of office space on each floor, which can be further divided into two separate operations. The ground floor of the buildings provides operation to six separate retail spaces. The space of the courtyard is connected to the surrounding street network in order to create a continuous public space that flows between the designed houses.

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