Final projects

Grill Table

Zmek Michal

Design, Bachelor Project


I designed a table, but it‘s not an ordinary table. In its center is a barbecue. It has the shape of a sphere, the lower half is made of concrete and the upper half is made of heat-resistant glass. If necessary, it is possible to remove the table top and create a solitary grill. The table top has a round shape, which is more pleasant for the user and is made of solid exotic wood. The grill is primarily designed for charcoal. Thanks to the glass ring that surrounds the grill, disadvantages such as smoke or unpleasant heat are eliminated. The pros of this solution, the unmistakable taste, the creation of heat and light in the late summer evenings remain. The table is designed for 6 to 8 people and has a diameter of 140 cm.

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