Final projects

Housing by Swimming Pool

Ivantsova Tatiana

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The building is located on the site of the original hotel under Kokořín Castle. The complex includes, changing rooms, playground, warehouse, parking for guests of the wellness center, playground, private roads, hotel, parking for guests of the hotel. The hotel is in a system of 9 blocks, 5 x 5 meters and is similar to a rubik's cube. The building consists of 4 floors. Each floor has several rooms, of which there are 3 rooms for is 2 people each and one for a family. In the first one there is a corridor, a utility room, a cloakroom, public toilets and a terrace.In the rooms for two people there is a small hallway that connects the bathroom and the bedroom from which there is an entrance to the terrace. The family room differs in that it has two bedrooms, from which there is direct access to the terrace. The main attractions of the furnishings are the openness and airiness of the space, which gives the impression thanks to the glass walls in the bedroom and the French window in the bathroom. The wonderful view from the window can be captured not only in the bedroom, but also in the bathroom, directly from the bath. The building presents a building that reinforced concrete skeleton, in which the columns have stones facing, as well as the slab of the terrace. The walls of the room are filled with glass.

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