Diploma projects

Smíchov's Bridgehead of a Railway Bridge

Bc. Vanda Pálková

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The goal of this thesis is to analyze the area, find it’s essencial problems and find the most suitable new arrangement of the area and to process these into a new masterplan. The selected area segment has become a bridgehead of a Smíchov’srailway bridge; a tip defined by a river Vltava at eastern side, StrakonickáStreet at West and Vltavská Street at North. It is a valuable spot, located straight in the wider city centre nevertheless on it’s very edge; in the major development area of Smíchov. We find ourselves on a boarderline of a compact city and it’s suburbia; at a “gate” to the city while arriving from the south. The outcome is a conception of a new land use, including the changes of a transport system, functional and spatial delimitation of proposed and newly regenerated urban residential blocks; and framework study of two proposed new buildings significantly affecting the quality of the area.

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