Final projects


Tomanová Kristýna

Landscape Architecture, MA diploma project


Kozel Castle is one of the most visited sights in western Bohemia. It belongs to the favourite destination of many visitors. Park represents great potential but requires complete revitalization. The chateau was founded by Count Jan Vojtěch Černín (1745-1816) for par force hunting. Currently, complicated plantings and a small number of maintenance workers cause problems in the proper care of the chateau park. The purpose of this work is to create a study of the rehabilitation of the park and the hunting landscape based on detailed analyzes. In my thesis, I divided the whole area into three scales: large scale within the hunting landscape, medium scale focus on park itself, and small, which mainly concerns the chateau building and its surroundings. The main idea is to show the beauty of the natural principles of a landscape. The parts are designed as a more natural-looking landscape, which in itself can have artistic value.

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