Final projects


Poráčová Lea

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The aim of the proposal is to create a timeless oncology day hospital. A place that helps everyone affected by cancer. So not only cancer patients but also their families. The project responds to the insufficient capacity of oncology facilities in the city of Poprad where the building is located. At the same time, the proposal also responds more globally to the need for the creation of similar facilities for patients where the number is increasing every year. It also responds to the way architecture can help in the treatment of various diseases by its expression and the creation of a suitable environment. In addition to conventional treatment, outpatient clinics and daily administration of medication, this proposal provides community spaces and a number of complementary features that assist in treatment both physically and psychologically. The centre provides shelter but also a hungry appetite to return to life. The building also relates to its surroundings and responds to its historically precious setting through its form. I would like to treat this thesis as an impetus for a discussion on the existence of cancer support centres, which, in addition to conventional treatment, will provide supportive and psychological help to patients and their families, i.e. to all those affected by the disease.

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