Final projects

Elementary School Keplerova, Prague 6

Mária Sonja

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The primary school in Pohorelc is mainly a functional building, which is the background for the children's everyday life. It responds to the complicated question of whether to close Pohorelec, the integrity of which has been undermined by the historic development. The space of the square has lost its definition and is very stressed by traffic. The new school is a historic footprint, it does not completely close Pohorelec, it only narrows the traffic situation on Kepler Street. Parler Street, on the other hand, closes off the view and thus creates a "school square". The school responds to the historic surroundings by mimicking the composition of the streets, which are made up of narrower houses with different roof heights. The design reworks an established and working typology - the two-tract - into a modern form. Need of informal space in the school is reinforced by the creation of light-filled and spacious livingcorridors with the possibility of alternative learning.

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