Final projects


Musílková Kateřina

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Boreč Castle near Lovosice is a desolated building in a serious disrepair. However, it has a potential to be a respectable part of the picturesque environment of the České středohoří. The diploma thesis is focused on the sensitive restoration of the castle building and the castle garden, and on their appropriate multifunctional use. It emphasizes connection to the village, to the area of the former castle yard and to the landscape with ponds. It deals with a topic of approach to the historical building with unfinished intervention in the second half of the 20th century. The approach to the restoration of this complicated object is defined by an effort for harmonious integration with emphasizing the baroque epoque, respect for genius loci and restoration of its dignity. The diploma thesis also lays the foundation for the construction-historical survey of the castle, which is taken into account in the design. The main contribution is in new findings about the baroque form and the identification of the demolished elevated hall.

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