Final projects

Elementary School Keplerova, Prague 6

Holubová Ema

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


A modern elementary school in a historic setting and a square It is envisaged to create an ensemble consisting of a contemporary school, a functionalist school and a 19th-century school, and to complement the program of the gymnasium with a primary school. Where should children of the post-fact age learn? The goal is not to climb into the historical setting of a satisfactory, but contemporary and beautiful/enriching solution that will heal the missing parts of the front of the square so that the square is closed again. Over time, the picturesque square under Prague Castle became a parking lot with a thoroughfare. The proposal tries to restore its original expression, heal it, turn it into a space where children can safely walk from school. As it is a primary school, the proposal not only tries to connect with the surrounding buildings, but also to create a building that is friendly to children. There is a lot of free space where they can run, jump, play. The classrooms are not only frontal, but there are also many alternative spaces including loggias and an outdoor courtyard. The whole building is visually connected thanks to the large atriums, but each child can also find a small niche to share secrets with a friend.

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