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Erasmus Exhibition

Sustainable Hoogcruts

Jan Vagaday


The subject of the preceding course was research on indigenous roof constructions from around the world. This served as a base for the project of an affordable dwelling unit, that was dealing with prefabrication and light clay construction. The project started as a series of prototypes from which the final design was selected and afterwards built in the gardens of Hoogcruts monastery as a part of an ongoing project “Sustainable Hoogcruts”.

my key experience from erasmus

While the Architecture Faculty at RWTH is small compared to other disciplines, it is rich in a variety of assignments and subjects that not only replicate traditional teaching but also reflect the contemporary complexity of architecture and urban design. For me, the most important experience gained came while working on subjects of the department of “theory of architecture” (crafts, natural materials, low-tech solutions) and the department of “reuse in architecture” (sustainability in building, LCA, etc.).

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