Exhibition of Studio Projects

The "S" of Kladruby

Anna-Marie Rychetská


Kladruby is a historic town in western Bohemia near Stříbro with 1,500 inhabitants. Extensive forests of mostly pine character are a natural dominant. The eastern side of the town is surrownded by the river Úhlavka. Its shores are not used by locals. The aim of this proposal is to make the river accessible to people for recreational use of its surroundings and the connection of these places to the city and forests. Part of the proposal is the delimitation of the site into functional zones and their use. The solved area contains three key zones and that is the sports zone, social (urban) zone and quiet zone. The aim is to use natural materials and preserve the local landscape. Benches and waste bins are the essential part of the project. The newly designed gloritic paths are sustainable, solid and they respect the environment.

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