Exhibition of Studio Projects


Jana Mýtinová


At the beginning there was light. If it doesn't shine on you today, don't worry. Rhea combines interactive lighting and SAD lamp. At a time of pandemic, when our lives have shrunk to a few square meters, we lack contact with daylight. I created the lamp in response to the need to enrich the interior during the times we spend at home. I chose production methods to leave as little waste as possible. The front part is made of recycled glass from the Czech glassmaker Brokis and I printed the back part in 3D using PLA. In the middle of the lampshade sits an interactive light bulb with adjustable light. Behind the former shards of recycled glass, LED lights shine. During the day she motivates and in the night kisses us goodnight. If you lack a little light, Rhea can give it to you.

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