Exhibition of Studio Projects

Saint Wenceslas road, or from Prague to Stara Boleslav and back again

Petra Hušková


Rediscovery of Saint Wenceslas road as connection between Prague and Stara Boleslav. The road, the object as such is still visible in the maps, many of the roads are used on a regular basis or as purpose-built field roads. The road lacks more value than the connection of point A and point B. Therefore, I decided to make the whole journey with its 17 kilometers more pleasant with vegetation modifications, creation of new structures, but also by respecting the structures that spend. 21 small and 4 large stops. The skeleton of the whole design. Small stops form a vertical element - roxor turrets. Large stops were created in places not yet used, places where intervention was needed. Individual stops with a name, use, or idea refer to place names.

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