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Exhibition of Studio Projects

In the Pond

Pavlina Turková


Meeting of the city and the river landscape. Lysá nad Labem. A city that is located in a river valley and does not have access to it. The aim of our project was to restore the river floodplain, and to allow the inhabitants access to the Elbe. We want to provide visitors with close to nature nooks, which will serve not only for the recreation, but also as a refuge for wildlife. My topic - Green Infrastructure in the Landscape - ensures the connection of existing valuable greenery with new sustainable elements, which improves the ecological quality of the landscape and the quality of human life. I also dealt in detail with the revitalization of the Mlynařice stream and the restoration of the former Starolyský pond. This area In the Pond near Stará Lysá gave the name to my studio project.

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