Exhibition of Studio Projects

Pilgrimage route

Bc. Berenika Pilařová


The project arises as one of 6 partial solutions to the overall concept of landscape transformation after mining in the Bílina quarry. We worked on this in a team in cooperation with the urban studio Šindlerová. A pilgrimage route led through this devastated area in the Ústí Region. And it still leads this way! Because the tradition of annual pilgrimages from the pilgrimage church in Mariánské Radčice to the monastery in Osek was restored. And I suggest a way for these new pilgrims. The road passed through the village of Libkovice, which was destroyed due to mining. Now the place is a scar in the landscape I am trying to heal. I evoke earlier spatial relationships and connections in the village through the mass of vegetation. I want people to re-establish a relationship with the lands

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