Exhibition of Studio Projects


Bc. Štěpán Lucký


Community life in Hořovice is stagnating. Young people have few places to meet and spend time. The proposal therefore comes with a new building, which has the task of putting community life in Hořovice back on its feet. At the same time, it uses the paved part of the Červený potok riverbed and intruduces it as a pleasant outdoor sitting area. The building itself has 3 floors. The first floor serves as a footbridge and also as a covered outdoor area for holding small markets or other city activities. The second floor serves as an insulated space for the community and allows for exhibitions, workshops or a small concert. The interior is also complemented by a mini-ramp. On the roof there is a skate park, which is bordered by a perforated sheet metal structure ensuring the safety of riders.

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