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Exhibition of Studio Projects

Rozárka Villas

Lucie Znamenáčková


The Rozárka Villas are 1 apartment complex of 3 small buildings and underground parking. The villas boast 8 maisonette apartments of 2 categories – 3 or 4 rooms with a kitchenette. The design consists of a square shape sunken into the terrain and opened to the entire southern side by a fully glazed facade, which is extended by loggias. Flat green roofs also continue to connect with the elevation of the terrain. The immediate surroundings, made up of broken sharp lines of paths around the objects, playfully complement the sloping terrain. An embellished elongated pond and a public lookout to enjoy an exquisite view of the environment are included. The purpose of the project is to propose dignified urban housing for both social workers and visiting doctors in a unique location in Prague.

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