Research projects

The potential of densification - categorizng and evaluating the potential of empty buildings in czech cities' intravillan, and the buildings' transformations

The research focuses on the transformation of buildings in urban areas in the Olomouc region and the potential that this process includes for the city government, the investor, and the end user - residents and citizens. The theoretical work maps, categorizes and evaluates existing examples of reconstructions from 1992 (when it was established in its current form ČKA) to the present day. For comparison, it will put local conditions into context with examples from other parts of the Czech Republic and abroad in order to compare the socio-cultural, economic and also legislative and normative context. The outcome will be a web interface publishing the findings and conclusions, part of the research and one of the intermediate outputs will be a contribution to a book focused on reconstructions, as well as ongoing public presentations and discussions. Applied research in the positive level of contemporary Czech architectural creation will be concluded in the form of case studies on several objects according to the categorization during the research, clearly proving the methods used and verification of the hypothesis.

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