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Research projects

PET bottle architecture

The question of using PET bottles in architecture is being discussed all over the world. The overwhelming amount of bottles being produced does not match with the amount being recycled, which causes unpleasant flow of garbage into the landscape or sea. That is why we, as architects also feel we must contribute to solving of the problem. there are more or less sophisticate methods of reusing the bottles transforming them into bricks. The book has 3 parts: 1, experiments on PET in the laboratory 2, reference of the existing PET bottle buildings 3, implementation of the topic into teaching The history of PET bottles can not be detected precisely, because buildings made of PET bottles started to exist naturally in underdeveloped or poor countries like Guatemala or Somalia. But we also know about well designed private houses in Serbia or Argentina. We can see the problem is existing and being solved in terms of architecture really all over the world and as the conditions of each country are different, the solutions are also very different. That actually makes the publication importance and an interesting point. In the last section we would like to present a method of implementation of this topic into an architectural design studio with examples.

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