Research projects


The research will focus on defining conceptions of "small" and "economy" individual housing, and on accumulating inspirational contemporary examples of Czech realizations. The research theoretical ground of our interest is the mode how the meaning of the "small" and " economy" conceptions have progressed during the 20th and 21st century and how the conceptions are defined and perceived at present. The main purpose of our research lies in gathering inspirational contemporary examples and evluating them not only from town planning, architectural, structuraly technical nd energy point of view. We are interested also in legislative context and opinion of municipalities. Furthermore, we are interested in practical experience of individuals residing the constructions and extent of adequacy of their financial investments. For purpose of getting the research outcome to the utmost cohort of expert and laic public, we would like the research conclusions are published as a book to common distribution, in paralel to the book we will present the research conclusions continously on a web established for that, on a blog, in social and printed media, at conferences and lectures.

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