Modern Architecture

Explores the tradition of modern architecture of 20th century in the Czech Republic and Central Europe with international interactions and influences. The lectures are accompanied with excursions in Prague, Brno, Hradec Králové etc. Contents: Czech Jugendstil and early modernism. Czech Cubism. The National Style and the Dutch influence. Josef Gočár. Kamil Roškot. Adolf Loos. Josip Plečnik. Czech Functionalism. Czechoslovak Werkbund and the Baba housing exhibition. Interactions with Bauhaus and Le Corbusier. Prague modern urban culture. Brno - a city of Modern Architecture. Zlín - the Baťa industrial city.

The minimum number of students to open the course is 5. EXCEPTION for self-paying students: if there are less than 5 students, the course will be taught in consultations.

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