Studio Efler - Vernacular Architecture Heritage Design Studio - 552

Professional Assistants: Ing. arch. TOMÁŠ TOMSA  a Ing. arch. MARTIN STOČES 


Vernacular Architecture Heritage Design Studio     

In the Summer 2018 semester, a Studio of Vernacular Architecture, led by Tomáš Efler, was created in the context of the studio of professor Girsa at the Department of Architecture Conservation at the CTU Faculty of Architecture, with a long-term focus on the subject of heritage preservation in exterior architecture.

The term “vernacular” can be understood as a designation of architecture and construction associated with the distinctive local tradition, that is, different from classical, international or global architecture. Students can become closer acquainted with the basic principles, historical building structures and traditional materials of the local environment on examples of field documentation and through exploration of specific, notable structures of folk architecture and (not only) the rural architecture of the Czech lands and Europe. At the same time, they will learn to master the principles and fundamentals of monument care and a thoughtful approach to restoration, conservation and revitalization of these specific historical buildings and sites. In the milieu of today's trends in global architecture, the wealth of our local architectural heritage can increasingly be a source of learning and inspiration for new work.

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